Saturday, May 28, 2011

Beautiful Town of Inverel

Town Hall & Art Gallery

Inverell Court House built in 1886

Inverell is a beautiful country town in NSW, on the western slopes of the northern tablelands, situated on the Macintyre river, if you are a fisherman you could not find a better spot to stay it has a big dam (Copeton dam), and if you like history this town has a lot for you to look at, the sapphire's that they mine here are really beautiful, if you are traveling in the northern tablelands you must visit Inverell here are a few facts from Wikipedia encyclopedia.

In 1848 Alexander Campbell held the 50,000-acre (200 km2) Inverell Station on the Macintyre River. The name derives from the name of Mr. MacIntyre's estate. The word is of Gaelic origin, and signifies "meeting place of the swans"; from "Inver a meeting place, and "Ell", a swan.[3] The MacIntyre River and Swanbrook Creek join here. The area was also known as "Green Swamp" in the 1850s. Wheat growers, Colin and Rosanna Ross established a store there in 1853,[4] when he asked that a town be surveyed. In 1858 this was done and in the following years the plan was approved and the first land sale was held. The municipality was proclaimed in 1872. Diamonds were discovered at Copes Creek in 1875 and were mined at Copeton from 1883-1922. Commercial sapphire mining was commenced in 1919 at Frazers Creek near Inverell. Rich alluvial deposits in streams were worked initially by hand miners but there was little recorded production up until approximately 1960.[5] The population was 7514 (1954 census) and 8209 (1961 census). At the 2006 census, the population of Inverell was 9,749.[1]

[edit] Industry

The Inverell district is in a fertile agricultural region which produces a wide range of crops, including wheat, barley, oats, sorghum, wine grapes and maize. There are also some mining activities with tin, sapphires, zircons and diamonds (mainly industrial) being found.[5] Inverell is known as the ‘Sapphire City’ because of the sapphires that found throughout the local district. The area is recognised for its sapphires, contributing to a major part of Australia's sapphire production.[6]
Copeton Dam, the district's main water supply, holds three times the capacity of Port Jackson (Sydney Harbour), and is so large that when it is below 3% of its capacity during drought, it still has enough water to supply the town for up to ten years without water restrictions.[citation needed] The Inland Fishing Festival is held there every year.

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